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Portable Rope Chain Saw
Portable Rope Chain Saw
Portable Rope Chain Saw
Portable Rope Chain Saw
Portable Rope Chain Saw
Portable Rope Chain Saw
Portable Rope Chain Saw

Portable Rope Chain Saw

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Efficient Tool For Outside Cutting And Craft!


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Struggling to cut branches or poles in an awkward position?

Introducing our Portable Rope Chain Saw! This is a pocketable hand chain saw. It is an essential survival tool for camping, hiking, backpacking, and all other outdoor sports. It is also a good tool for home and garden use.  Suitable for hunter, fisher, camper, explorer, emergency, other outdoor activities & family use. Perfectly designed according to your needs and comfort.

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SMOOTH CUT- It consists of a small wire wrapped around a thick yarn to form a zigzag wire. Then, a three-strand wire is used to make a cutting and smooth saw blade without touching the hand.

STRONG- It can cut off branches, wood, plastic, rubber, bone, soft metal, etc. "in all directions, it is easy to use, easy to transport, hands and clothes are not hurt, long life.

High-Grade- Made of stainless steel, no special maintenance, wipe and dry after use.

Multi-functional- Suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor survival tools.

✅ Pull ring with a metal handle, suitable for finger use. The convenient 360-degree rotation handle allows you to cut materials simply by rubbing the saw back and forth on the materials. 

How to use:

1. Simply place tool around object you would like to cut

2. Grab both end loops with your hands

3. Start motioning left and right to penetrate the object with the zigzag rope 

4. Watch as the rope glides through the object and ensure you are positioned on the opposite side of where it's falling for safety pre-cautions. 


Specifications :

✅ Product Weight: 30g
✅ Color: Silver
✅ Total length: 53cm

Package Includes :

✅ 1pc/ 2pcs x Portable Rope Chain Saw

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