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Reach us 24/7 at or 1(800) 435-0619
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants
FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants

FurnaceGear™ Electric Heated Pants

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Keep You Warm And Fit!

Wearing thick and heavy clothes to protect yourself from the freezing cold in the Autumn and Winter season doesn't always do the job?

Introducing the Electric Heated Pants, the pants that keep you warm and cozy while you ride, hike, camp, fishing or just hanging outside! It is easy and safe to use. With soft-touch buttons to easily help you adjust the heat from low to high temperature. Great for work or any indoor and outdoor activities.

These pants are made specifically to restore your body’s vitality, relieve muscle and abdominal pain while stimulating blood circulation and keeping your body warm and cozy.

Its high-end heated material enables quick smooth electric warmth, improving your body's microcirculation and metabolism while consuming excess fat, increasing blood oxygen and eliminates inflammation.


✅ 3 Heat zones: Abdominal and knees 
✅ Perfect for any outdoor activity
✅ Comfortable CoolMax Polyester fabric
✅ One-Touch heating
✅ Quick warm-up - 1 minute only!
✅ Adjustable heat temperature
✅ 24K carbon fiber heating wires
✅ Heating packs in the knees and abdominal area
✅ Safe and healthy to use
✅ Machine washable (do not wring dry)
✅ A single charge lasts 6-12 hours
Bullet Points:

✅ Safe To Use: 5V power, which could be safer and offer sufficient power to heat (use your own power bank or extra-purchase power bank)
✅ Temperature Adjustable: By setting the power level (1-3 grade) of the battery, you can set the temperature from 25-45 °C / 77-113℉ as per your request.
✅ Warm & Slim: Electric heated warm pants made for warmth keeping without wearing bulky clothes under cold conditions.
✅ Applicable Occasions: Perfect for mountaineering, climbing, hunting, skiing, motorcycling, camping, snowmobiling, fishing and hiking.
✅ Body Care: Help promote blood circulation, relief pain of muscles.
✅ Insert the USB port to the 5V power source.(Make sure  your power bank must be fully charged before use)
✅ Long press the button until it turns red to start heating operation.(Flashing indicates system  detection, long press again to restart; Continuous flashing indicates improper Power Bank.)
✅ Press the button to change the level of temperature.
✅ Long press to turn off the heating system.
Washing Notice:

✅ Take out the power bank.
✅ Neutral detergent is available.
✅ Washed with hand or Machine washable(Do not dry  cleaning; Do not bleach; Do not iron; Do not twist dry)
✅ After nature air drying can be used.

Warm Tips:

✅ Pls, don't connect to the power bank if you're not using the pants.
✅ Do not use acidic detergents or high-temperature washing the pants. The power must be removed before washing.
✅ If you get wet in the rain, turn off the power immediately and stop using it.
✅ Please note that the actual heating time depends on the outside temperature and your power bank capacity of the battery.
✅ Sometimes, when press the temperature control button, the red led will be not on, please don`t worry, this means the heating system is in self-inspecting. we can just do below step again or plug into power bank again, then press the button.
✅ Fabric: Wool
✅ Lining: polyester fiber
✅ Power Supply: 5V/2A(POWER  BANK is NOT included)
✅ Working Temperature: -5℃-40℃
✅ IP Rating: 3
✅ Heated Area: Knee and Waist
✅ Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Package Includes:
✅ 1 x Heated Warm Pants

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