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Fruit Mist Sprayer
Fruit Mist Sprayer
Fruit Mist Sprayer
Fruit Mist Sprayer
Fruit Mist Sprayer
Fruit Mist Sprayer

Fruit Mist Sprayer

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An Extremely Effective Method For A Great Complexion!

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Everyone wants the most youthful skin possible right? What if we told you that we have the secret.

If you are always stressed and your skin shows it, then this Fruit Mist Sprayer might be the best solution for you! The Fruit Mist Sprayer is a portable household fruit facial face steamer that adopts advanced nano and ionic technology. It splits water into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective components penetrate the skin and absorb; this facial steamer is specially designed for women. With a beautifully designed look, the compact device is portable to carry anytime and anywhere. Only need 90 secs of warm steam, to activate the benefits! This is the perfect addition to your skincare routine for those days where your skin needs some nourishment! Plus the flavor is options are endless (any fruit in the world). Depending on what your skin needs you can choose fruits according to its benefits! 

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Features :

✅ Deeply hydrating and improving face blood circulation.
✅ It provides a spa treatment that leaves skin soft and silky-smooth.
✅ Deep moisturizing effectively, improving skin nutritional absorbency.
✅ Soothing steam opens pores to help remove dirt, bacteria and makeup residue.
✅ Natural and healthy, the DIY vegetable and fruit are completely DIY by yourself with natural and healthy ingredients, no chemical components.
✅ Add fruits, essential oils, dried flowers for an even richer experience.
✅ Promotes collagen regeneration and restores smooth, smooth skin
✅ Reduce pigmentation spots to keep your face white.
✅ Kills skin bacteria, inhibits acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, restores skin's inherent pH balance.
✅ Cool Mist can help shrink pores and tighten skin.
✅ Attracting, portable design.

Fruit Mist Sprayer


✅ Material: ABS
✅ Voltage:
220 V
✅ Rated power:
160 W
✅ Frequency:
50Hz Tank
✅ capacity:
120 ml
✅ Color:
✅ Size: *
19.8 10.3 cm (L * W)
✅ Weight:

Package Includes :

✅ 1 x Facial Steam
✅ 1 x Descaling Agent

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