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Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump
Car Air Pump

Car Air Pump

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Easily To Pump Air Pressure!

Car Air Pump is a Portable Tire Compressor that is specially designed to help replenish tires and maintain the correct tire pressure to ENSURE SAFETY. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE making it HANDY to take with you wherever you go as it does not take TOO MUCH SPACE.
Car Air Pump is made of HIGH-QUALITY PLASTIC and METAL making it STURDY and DURABLE. It is PERFECT for Automobiles Tires.
✅ This portable tire inflator is small-sized which is with a portable compact design that can be easy to place in luggage and etc. Very convenient to take out for a travel, use it anytime you need.
✅ Cords are stored at the back of it, saving more space. The type of cigarette socket can be inserted directly 3M line length to facilitate the front and rear tire inflation.
✅ Plug into your 12 V charging cable socket or other 12 V outlet; Set desired pressure on the backlit LCD display gauge, microprocessor monitors tire pressure, automatically stopping at your set pressure.
✅ The tire air pump has a great built-in detachable digital pressure gauge. The gauge checks tire pressures on all your vehicles quickly and accurately.
✅ Multifunctional electric tire inflator with a digital tire gauge, digital tire pump is equipped with bright long-lasting LED light in the night. It has 4 display units: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM.
✅ Widely used air pump inflates tires automatically for cars, bikes, motorcycles, RV, SUV, ATV and truck. Also, sports equipment and inflatables adaptors included. Also can be used to inflate airbed, airboat, air cushion, basketball, volleyball and other balls with a power adapter
How to use:
✅ Insert the charging cable plugged into the car's DC 12V jack and start the car.
✅ Put the inflatable nozzle on the tire that needs to fill the air.
✅ Press (R) button to choose the display unit. (4 units available: PSI, KPA, BAR, KGF/ CM). Press (-) or (+) button to set the desired pressure, and then wait until it stops flashing.
✅ Turn on the power switch. The inflator will automatically stop inflating once the desired pressure is reached.
✅ When the desired pressure is reached, turn off the power.
✅ Unscrew the valve connector, place the tire valve dust cap back to the tire and disconnect the power cord from a 12 V cigarette lighter socket.
✅ Power: 120 W.
✅ Operating voltage: DC 12V.
✅ Maximum Operating Current: 10 A.
✅ Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI.
✅ Flow: 35 L/ min .
✅ Power Cord Length: 3 m.
✅ Continuous Working Hours: 8 min.
✅ Display Units: KPA, PSI, BAR, KG/ CM.
✅ Size: L: 7.6inch, W: 6.1inch, H: 2.9inch
Package includes: 
✅ 1 x 150 PSI car air pump.
✅ 3 x Nozzle adapters.
✅ 1 x User manual

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