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How to Improve Your Relationships in 2020

How to Improve Your Relationships in 2020

You want this year to be full of human connection and friendships! If you want a few pointers on how to improve your relationships, keep on reading.

Cultivating empathy or beefing up on your communication skills is not always easy, but it will enhance your life so much. When your world is filled with loving people, you’ll lead a happier more satisfying life.

You’ll have a support system to lean on when you need them. Let’s talk about how to stick to your relationship-deepening resolution!

Listen and Ask Questions 

When you ask your friend questions, you’re showing that you care. Pay attention to their answers so you can discuss it more the next time you see your friend.

Listening shows that you’re interested in hearing about your friend’s personal life. Talking about yourself the whole time is selfish and irritating.

Be Vulnerable and Authentic 

Displaying your true emotions can be extremely difficult for many people. Crying in public doesn’t exactly sound fun. Yet, it can have major rewards.

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, your friend will appreciate it. They’ll admire your courage and they might feel inspired to open up about themselves. Be true to your feelings.

Call your Friend Back 

If your friend calls, you need to call her back! There will always be so many excuses: the dog needed a walk, your partner just walked through the door, you were dropping off your kids at school.

If you can’t pick up the call, that’s completely fine! Life is busy. Still, if you care about this relationship, find the time to call back.

Look At It From Their Perspective 

If you’re having an argument, it can benefit everybody to take some deep breaths and try to look at the situation from the other person’s point of view. Try not to think dogmatically about the world.

There are many sides to the same story. The right answer may not be as obvious as you think. If you look at the situation from a different perspective, you may learn something new about yourself and your friend or partner.

Show Appreciation



Tell your friend or partner how much you appreciate them! Explain how you’re so happy to have them in your life. Say “I love you” often!

Express your love by doing something generous. Take your friend out dancing or to the movies. Go on a getaway with your partner.


When you practice these relationship maintenance tips, you’ll have a much richer relationship. Whether it’s a platonic friend or a romantic partner, you can’t go wrong by showing appreciation or listening more attentively.

You want to stick to this resolution to improve relationships, right? One of the many pitfalls is getting too caught up in your own life.

It’s great to have your own goals, but don’t forget about all of the people who matter to you. I hope 2020 is one full of positive relationships!

P.S. A great way to build relationships is working on a creative project together.

Get together with a loved one and make your own "3D DIY Creative Wall Clock" that you can look on and cherish as a memory forever.

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