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Benefits of Crafting

Benefits of Crafting

If you love crafting, this blog post is for you! Sometimes our uber-productive family members scoff at our “silly little crafts.” Well, it turns out, crafting is good for your health!

50 years ago if you went for a run, someone might ask, “Where are you going?” This was before we understood the positive impact that exercise plays has on our physical health. Maybe in 50 years, no one will roll their eyes at you when you glue your popsicle sticks together.

If you have a smile on your face, that’s all that matters! Today, I’m going to share a few benefits of crafting.

Stress Reliever



There’s no denying that crafting is a natural stress reliever. Working with our hands takes us out of our minds. We’re able to leave our problems at the door, as we bring our full focus onto the task at hand: knitting, painting a dollhouse, making a dreamcatcher, beading, or what-have-you. 

There is scientific evidence that crafting reduces anxiety and increases levels of happiness. There have been studies about individuals with PTSD and anorexia deeply benefiting from weaving, quilting and other practices.

It puts a bit of distance between yourself and your problems.

Neurons Firing in the Brain


When you learn something new, your brain is forming new neural pathways and connections. Our brains are plastic and ever-changing across our lifespan.

If you’re someone who loves learning, your brain will thank you in old age. You may have improved mental agility compared to those who stick to the usual routine. (Of course, there’s nothing wrong with people who like structure and habits!)

When you experience something novel, you’re getting a rush of dopamine in the rewards center of the brain. In addition, consistently challenging yourself improves your problem-solving skills.

Positive Mood


Have you noticed that when you craft, you feel happier? It’s as if the dark clouds suddenly roll away.

When you do something you love, you’re keeping depression at bay. You’re improving your confidence as you get better and better. That sense of accomplishment when you complete your project is oh-so-sweet! You’re in your flow and creative mojo!

How could you possibly feel sad when you’re having such a blast? If it’s not fun right away, give it time. Your patience and dedication will alleviate your distress and lift your spirits. 

Share it With Others

You can give your completed craft to friends and family members as gifts. Valentine’s Day is coming up! I bet your partner would be overjoyed to get a home-made card from you!

When you receive a home-made gift from someone, it’s a very special moment. You feel this unspeakable connection with that person. They have just shared their creative work. It took patience and dedication to create this beautiful work of art.

It feels good that they chose
you of all people to share it with. Give a special gift to someone you love! It will feel so rewarding.


I hope you enjoyed this blog on the benefits of crafting. You love crafting so much and will stop at nothing to engage in this creative outlet.

Still, we all hit creative blocks or lose steam from time to time. Now that you understand the benefits of crafting you may feel even more motivated to keep going on your art projects. If you aren’t a crafter, but want to start, try decorating a bowl with buttons or lace doilies, mosaic a plant pot, crochet a scarf, or make a scented candle.

There are so many crafts for you to try. I hope you have fun during your next arts and crafts session!


P.S. If you're looking for another DIY art project that will add style to your home, check out the seamless and modern 3D DIY Creative Wall Clock



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