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5 Ways To Show Your Parter You Love Them

5 Ways To Show Your Parter You Love Them

If you're looking for a way to express your love, you've come to the right place. Don't just wait for an anniversary or a birthday to show your parter that you're in love- do it now! Spontaneousness is sexy! The time to show your love is...right now.

Growing complacent in your relationship is NOT a good thing. Taking someone for granted is hurtful. No one ever complains about their partner saying, "I love you" too often.

Being head-over-heels in love with your partner is a special feeling. Keep the romance alive by displaying your affection. 

1. Gift Giving

Give your partner a sincere and heartfelt gift. Whether it's something practical or beautiful, you can't go wrong with a thoughtful gesture. He or she will be overjoyed to get something so personal and touching. Who doesn't like opening up a present?

Some people like getting gifts that they need while others prefer getting gifts that they want. Knowing your lady or man's desires will help you in the gift-giving department. There are a few rules that are applicable to almost everybody... You can't go wrong with chocolate, flowers, or jewelry.  

Remember, you don't have to wait for an occasion. Surprise your lover with a gorgeous necklace and watch the sparks fly all over again. 

2. Do Your Partner’s Chores 

There's no better way to say, "I love you, Beautiful" than taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, cooking a delicious meal, or cleaning the space from top to bottom.

Think about something that your partner hates doing. Maybe they complain about it from time to time. I'll give you a hint, you probably hate it too! I mean, who likes doing tedious chores?

When you take on the burden, you're doing your partner a huge favor. This compassionate sacrifice is truly a gift. Once when my boyfriend swept, vacuumed and mopped the floors of our apartment, my heart skipped a beat.

It may sound silly, but it really shows that you're thinking about the other person when you do a chore than they might normally take on. Doing your partner's chores is a great way to express your love. 

3. Listen

When you listen to your partner's needs, wants, and personal feelings, you're showing that you truly care about him or her. No one likes it when you talk incessantly and don't make the effort to listen once in awhile. Being vulnerable and honest takes courage.

Your partner will be more likely to be transparent and open-up when you lend a listening ear. Not only that, it can uplift the spirit when you have someone to talk to.

Healthy communication and dialogue is important in any relationship. When each member of the relationship is able to actively listen to the other, you're laying down a foundation of trust and compassion. 

4. “I Love You”

Sure, it may be obvious that you love your partner by all that you do for him or her, but it doesn't hurt to say it once in awhile. It's particularly meaningful if you don't say it too often, as it may lose its punch. Still, I like to hear it multiple times per day.

When you say, "I love you," you're reminding yourself and your partner of the love you two share. While the words alone may not be enough, action without words is also missing the mark.

Another tip is to actually say those three words. Don't say, "Same" in response. Also, refrain from saying, "Ditto." If you do that too often it can be hurtful. Your partner may wonder why you can't seem to spell it out. What is his or her aversion with the word, "Love?"

Next time you're at a loss for words or don't know what to say, you can't go wrong with those three magic words...

5. Experiences

Having new experiences with your partner can bring you two really close. Go on a spontaneous adventure in a brand new city. You'll feel the butterflies fluttering once again as you drive cross country or fly together.

My boyfriend and I took our relationship to the next level when we drove together from Colorado to Ohio. With each hour that passed, we learned more and more about each other and our love for each other grew.

You don't have to go far away to have an adventure. You two could go to a concert, a bike ride, the aquarium, or a national forest! The world is full of awe- all you have to do is find it- hand in hand.

When you two experience something that takes your breath away, you'll bond in a profound way. 


Thank you for reading my blog post on ways to express your love. You need to make sure your partner feels the love. What is their love language?

Do they like gifts, hearing the words, "I love you", or spending quality time together? Are they into grand romantic gestures? You don't have to wait for a special moment to say, "I love you" or give a gift. The moment becomes special when you express your affection.

You have the power to keep the fire blazing in your romantic life. Expressing your love will keep your relationship strong and healthy. 

Annie Foley

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