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5 Do It Yourself Wall Art Ideas

5 Do It Yourself Wall Art Ideas

Original DIY projects never get old! The world will never run out of unique and unusual creations that you can do all by yourself.

You get to be artsy and creative! Not only that, your home is going to look stylish, fresh, and fabulous with all of your art.

If you need a few ideas on DIY wall art, look no further. I’ve put together a list of fun do it yourself wall art ideas. I hope you enjoy it!

5. Collectibles

Do you have an impressive collection of hats, porcelain plates, or vintage fans? Why not pin them to your wall!

Make a mental map or draw it out so you don’t end up nailing items to the wall that won’t fit or look right.

You’re utilizing your spatial awareness with this project! If you don’t collect anything, why not start?

4. Hanging Sticks

When you learn how to hang a stick, your creative options are endless! Don’t get overwhelmed though, stick to hanging something that interests you and looks cool.

You could hang shells, flowers, dreamcatchers, yarn, or painted sticks. You can pretty much hang anything from the stick! If you’re into yarn, knit or crochet a piece to hang to the stick.

If you love garlands, go with that. You could go for a forest hike and collect sticks, leaves, or flowers to add to a wreath.

3. 3D DIY Wall Clock

What a useful piece of art! After all, it would be nice to know the time.

It’s fashionable, it’s functional. What’s not to love? It’s a necessary staple.

You’ll never be late again, and you’ll have a blast building it and hanging it for everyone in the household to enjoy. 

2. Wrapping Frames

If you’re someone who hates to throw out tasteful gift wrap, consider framing it! Framing your wallpaper may also be a fun home decor project that will make your walls stand out.

Wallpaper samples are pretty inexpensive! It’s simple, elegant, and creative. It can be too much of a commitment to pick out one wallpaper for the whole room.

Now, you can pick a handful of jazzy colors, combos, and patterns to frame. Have some fun with it!

1. Puzzle

Pick out a challenging jigsaw puzzle, complete it and then glue it to a piece of paper.

Next, hang it on your wall. It looks like a gorgeous piece of art. Not only that, every time you gaze at your wall, you’ll remember that feeling of accomplishment when you completed that challenging puzzle. What a display!


Sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction to get going on your DIY project. It is so empowering to accomplish your objective all by yourself!

You don’t need anyone else. Tackling your goal independently can seriously boost your confidence.

I hope you have so much fun with these wall art projects!


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