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3 Necessary Items to Carry in Your Car Kit

3 Necessary Items to Carry in Your Car Kit

If you’re looking for a fun way to save money, spend a little bit of time creating a car kit! You care about your car and want to maintain it properly, right? Is there a way to do this without breaking the bank? Yes!

Let’s talk about a few items that you’ll want to carry in your car kit. First, you’ll need a box of some sort. Pick a medium sized plastic container with a handle.

Let’s get started.

3. Maintenance Items



Being able to maintain your car on your own will save you some serious cash! I’m talking about paint, oil, tire pressure, and other items that you can replace yourself.

Carry around some paper towels or washcloths so you can wipe off the dipstick before checking the oil. If your car has some scratches, get some paint and fill in the blemishes yourself.

Replace your own air filters and make sure you check your tires! Keep a tire gauge in an accessible spot.

2. General Items



You know those items that you always seem to realize you need as soon as you leave the house? Plan ahead and bit and stock up on personal items that you may need on the road.

If your car stinks, get an air freshener! No one likes to sit in a car with a foul odor. Make sure to carry sunscreen, chapstick, an umbrella, hand lotion, a phone charger and car cable, extra water, extra snacks, and a heavy sweater or coat.

You never know what the weather will be like, so plan for everything.

1. Emergency Items



Plan for emergencies! Make sure you have your roadside assistance card somewhere accessible, so you can call quickly if you need help.

Put a flashlight in your kit in case the car lights go out at night. Make sure to keep a blanket in the back as well, in case you get stuck in the cold.

Having jumper cables could come in handy in case your battery dies and need someone to jump-start your car.

Keep some extra washer fluid and band-aids in the kit as well.


If you follow this guide, your car kit will have all of the essentials. From blankets and sunscreen to jumper cables and paint, you’ll be covered.

Don’t forget to plan for crisis situations! Better safe than sorry. Save money by painting your own car and checking your own tires.

Collect a few items and stash them away in your kit! I hope you have some fun with this project.


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